Demo EP

by Crepehanger

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released June 23, 2014

Recorded & mixed by the band themselves at T-Piss's House



all rights reserved


Crepehanger Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Knocking Out National Front Teeth
Start with appies toes and feet
Nazi skin the best white meat
Dip the ears
Devour the pride
But don't eat the brain
It's rotten inside

Jerrycan the Aryan
Make that pale a nice crisp tan
Blood and Honour in a blender
Spicy hot in red suspenders

Meatloafing Mckee
Main course of Calgary
Track Name: Narcissuss
It's always about what you're doing or what you fucking did
The conversations you're having are always one-sided
I or My is the only way that you start your sentence
Your ideas and opinions are of greater importance
You're a prick

Unless if it involves you we don't get your attention
We are getting jaded from perpetual pretention
Exploitation of others no regard for our feeling
Leads us to believe that there's a trend that we're seeing...

You're no better than anybody else.

Sharing no empathy to any of us
Modern reincarnation of Narcissus
Track Name: Castophrenia
This is done for your safety
Imperative surgery
Straight shot into the skull
Countrywide lobotomy

Here comes the thought police
Replacing all of your beliefs
Put a chip inside your head
No dreams just Ads instead

Hollow patriotic throats
Pre-programming status quotes
They've spread across the globe
Infecting the frontal lobe

The mind starts to deteriorate
Zombies for the nation state
Brainwaves must behave
You are nothing more than a slave

You've been dehumanized
You find the comfort in their lies
You have no place to hide
Cause they will track you down

Now your stuck in a trance
Imprisoned by ignorance
Too brainwashed to rebel
Imagination is for sale

Lucid Visions; Product placement
ideas stolen for the market
But you won't ever see a dime
Yet opposition is a crime
The revolt in a lock
All threats will receive a shock
The implants only hurt a bit
But we did nothing to stop it
Track Name: Bring Back The Piledriver
Fuck you Vince
Brawling hasn't been the same since
The bouts aren't heart felt
Barbed wire, bruises blood 90's violence
what ever happened to the hardcore belt

Everyone's cutting their hair
no one's busting heads on a chair
we know they're capable
of putting their bodies through a table
hear the people from the arena
old school fans chant "Fuck Cena"
Track Name: Zero Hour
So nervous wanna flee
Wanna finish not ready
Too late no more time
You have reached the deadline

Put it to the side it can wait
Not a big deal just your fate
Ringing of the bell tower
This is the Zero hour

Red hot falling burning sphere
Two hands on a fixed gear
Hard to work under pressure
Now or never your worst fear

Ringing of the bell tower
This is the Zero hour

Here's the cutoff here's your doom
All over can't resume
To happen it was bound
Alright stop pencils down
Track Name: Operation Zeus
Chains around wrists
Beating tourists
Bigoted cleansing
Golden dawn
Far right prick extremists

Middle easterns searching for war free lands
Treated like lepers detained in the thousands
Their race and sexual identities
Are the pigs unwanted disease
They'll strip you all down
Not about the papers, Id's

Immigrants must resist
A government that is ruthless
That bullies the African
With the coward
Police henchman

Transgendered arrested for public indecency
For refusing to adjust to "normality"
State censorship of Athens pride
The greek revival of the pink triangle
Track Name: 147
In this world of money
money equals power,
the one who has to borrow
Servant to the lender

Counter production of alternate energy
The epitome of evil corporate synergy
Have you met your god? This super entity
His number is 147

The financial wing for the drug cartel
funding terrorists and the state as well
The Billions of dollars
All stolen from
libraries, nursing homes
and your hospitals

Third world wanted loans
forced them to free market
In return they got

A man committed suicide on may 10 2011
by jumping off the worlds tallest skyscraper also known as the Burj Khalifa.
because all he wanted was grant leave from the company he worked for
And the floor he jumped from
was number 147

Counter production of alternate energy
The epitome of evil corporate synergy
Have you met your god? This super entity
His number is 147